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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Job well done my friend.

Another model done. this time its a Datsun 240zg. a very cool kit by Hasegawa. A very different build from me since i love my shiny cars but in matt green it does look good. 

kit: hasegawa datsun 240zg
paint: tamiya as 14 olive green and matt black bonnet. decals and metal number plates.
interior: tan and black. ferrari 599 seats, flocking, carbon bits on the dash and spare wheel.
body: custom front lip, bonnet cut.
chassis: engine bay build, rb26 fitted. custom mounts, boost pipes, resin intercooler, resin turbo, custom branches and exhaust, custom brake booster, wiring resin battery, braided line, custom oil can and working hinges. suspension cut and remade.
wheels: aoshima ssr mesh

So i decided to take a bit of a break from all the commision builds to finish my skyline. this is probably may favourite build. it was really fun trying new techniques. the results i am very happy bwith

fujimi takahashi kpgc10 racer
aoshima ssr mk2 wheels
aoshima nostalgic seat
kevlar dash with 'stolen gauge'
custom weatherd bonnet
custom damaged exhaust
colour is a mixture of tamiya silver, chrome powder, weathering set and acrylic paints

Another commissioned build.

A tamiya 1966 beetle converted to a 1969 beetle.
the mods:
bumpers were changed
rear hood lid was changed to 1969
the dash was convetered to a rhd
8 ball gear knob was made from a pin
smiley face arial
white walls were airbrushed
custom decal sprayed in
scratch built blinds

tamiya yellow with 2k clear